Psychotherapist (CBT)


Welcome to my website, where I aim to provide succinct information about my therapeutic approach, background, and mental health services. I offer psychotherapy in German and English, however, the majority of my patients come from English-speaking backgrounds.

Mental health services
  • Individual therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Couples therapy
  • Supervision

All services are also available via video conference.

Psychotherapy sessions may qualify for partial reimbursement through any recognized health insurance provider in Austria.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

As stipulated by the Austrian Psychotherapy Act, psychotherapy is recognized as an autonomous treatment method within the healthcare sector. It’s intended for addressing behavioral problems and states of distress that are psychologically, psychosocially, or psychosomatically induced. Psychotherapy aims to:

  • Mend or mitigate psychological distress,
  • Provide assistance during personal crises,
  • Alter disruptive behaviors and attitudes,
  • Facilitate personal growth and wellbeing.

Among psychotherapeutic methods, cognitive behavioral therapy stands as a scientifically-backed approach. It is often the preferred method for addressing a plethora of psychological afflictions, notably anxiety and depression.


Throughout my professional journey, I have gained experience across various settings. This includes working as a psychologist at Caritas Vienna and serving as a psychotherapist at the Sanatorium Hera. Following these roles, I ventured into private practice. Additionally, I hold a teaching position and contribute to ongoing research at the Medical University of Vienna.


Psychotherapist (Cognitive behavioral therapy; AVM)

Doctorate – Mental health / Neuroscience (Medical University of Vienna)

Master – Psychology (University of Glasgow)

Master – Mathematics (University of Vienna)


Blank et al.  (2022). Brain morphometry and connectivity differs between adolescent- and adult-onset major depressive disorder. Depression and Anxiety, 1– 10. 

Blank et al. (2021). Neurobiological predictors for clinical trajectories in fully remitted depressed patients. Depression and Anxiety. 2021; 38: 447– 455. 


Dr. Thomas Blank

Beethovengasse 1, 1090 Wien

+43 677 62733692

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