Mental Health Counselling for Effective Altruists

The global mental health crisis has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective altruists may be particularly prone to mental health issues given their broad concern and engagement for others.


Thomas  Blank, PhD

I am a psychologist, psychotherapist (CBT) and PhD in neuroscience with a research focus on the neurobiology of depression (see latest publication). I've been involved in Effective Altruism since 2015 and headed the Austrian Effective Altruism chapter for two years.

For a broader overview of my approach to psychotherapeutic treatment refer to the main page.


Realising that the pandemic will have potentially long lasting negative effects on the Effective Altruism community, I have decided to offer psychotherapy dedicated to the community at favorable conditions.


  • Longer term psychotherapy or brief counselling for actue personal crises

  • Appointment within 48h

  • Reduced rate per session: 75€/85$/£65

  • Donation of 10% from all sessions over the year 2021 to effective charities


No need for formalities: Leave a message and we will figure out how to help you.