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This page provides media for those interested in psychology. The selection is arbitary apart from the fact that I found the items useful at some point in the past.

Talk: Effective Psychotherapy

EAGx Berlin 2022

Resources for the 2022 EAGx talk on effective psychotherapy


Experiencing and remembering self

Helpful concept when trying to make sense of ambiguous past experiences and their evaluation.

Shafran et al., 2002

Seminal paper on perfectionism

Shafer's paper on clinical perfectionism with interesting parts highlighted.


Killingsworth & Gilbert, 2010

Wandering mind is an unhappy mind

Very brief but famous article on happiness and mind wandering.

J. Young

Schema therapy - Unrelenting standards

A passage from Young's schema therapy book about unrelenting standards. The therapy goals at the end of the document might be rather perplexing to those of the more perfectionist persuasion.


J. Vervaeke

Awakening from the meaning crisis

A project by Canadian neuroscientist J. Vervaeke exploring historical and modern science approaches to meaning in life. Episode 11 is about higher states of consciousness.

Atlas of emotions

An artful website providing education about emotions and associated behaviour.

App Screens

Sam Harris

Waking up

Good app for a variety of meditations and lectures on mindfulness. There's also a book by Harris called Waking up.

Nummenmaa et al.

Bodily maps of emotions

Famous paper showing where in the body most people locate  their emotions. If you are in a hurry, just take look at the figures.

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