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Psychotherapist (CBT)

Thanks for your interest in my website. Below you find some compact information about psychotherapy for Effective Altruists and me as a psychotherapist.

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Common psychological problem areas

Since I’ve started working with the Effective Altruism and Rationality community, a number of recurrent themes have emerged in therapy, which might also impact your current personal situation.

  • Perfectionism
  • Depression, low self-worth, lack of meaning in life
  • Anxiety, particularly social anxiety
  • Concerns about ADHD and Autism
  • Relationship issues, particularly relating to polyamory
  • Doubts and stress about career choice, particularly AI related careers
  • Difficulties establishing fulfilling connections with others 
About me

I’ve been involved in Effective Altruism since 2015 and headed the national Austrian Effective Altruism chapter for two years. Currently, I am treasurer of the national organization. I’ve organized several retreats, attended a number of conferences and am familiar with the literature, organizations and cause areas.


Blank et al.  (2022). Brain morphometry and connectivity differs between adolescent- and adult-onset major depressive disorder. Depression and Anxiety, 1– 10. 

Blank et al. (2021). Neurobiological predictors for clinical trajectories in fully remitted depressed patients. Depression and Anxiety. 2021; 38: 447– 455. 

Formal Education
  • Licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
  • Neuroscientist (PhD)
  • Psychologist (MSc)
  • Mathematician (MSc)
Offer and conditions
  • Longer term psychotherapy
  • Brief counseling for acute personal crises
  • Couples therapy
  • Rate for individual therapy: 120€

Typically, we will set up a 15 minute, free introductory video call to get to know each other and see whether I can be of help to you.


There are currently openings available for CBT sessions.

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